Kibbutz Naan

Location: Kibbutz Na’an is located in Central Israel near Rehovot. The kibbutz has a rich cultural atmosphere. The Kibbutz is partly privatized

Climate: Hot and humid in the summer; cool and rainy in the winter.

Volunteer Work Opportunities: Irrigation systems factory, children houses, gardening, petting zoo, and horse stables.

Meals: Naan is a kosher Kibbutz. Lunch is provided in the Dining Room. There is a monthly allowance for Breakfast and Dinner to prepare individually in Ulpan kitchenette.

Kibbutz Facilities: Basket ball, Tennis, Gym, Swimming pool, Truck Tours in the fields. There is a synagogue and it is open on Shabbat and Holidays

Services: Dining room, kitchen, children’s houses, laundry, and a mini-market.

Housing: Ulpan students are housed in a special ulpan dormitory.