Budokan Israel – 5 Month Martial Arts And Fitness Program

Price Units
  • Cost: $12900 (paid by check or wire transfer)

Budokan Israel is a challenging and rewarding four-week or five-month adventure which combines world-class martial arts and fitness instruction with highly developed courses in Hebrew language and Jewish/Israeli history, exciting excursions across the country, inspiring volunteer projects and amazing people.

All of your training at Budokan Israel will take place in the context of exploring Israel and learning Hebrew, while giving you the time you need to explore and make lifelong friends in the process. Budokan Israel is the complete adventure for anyone looking to find themselves against the backdrop of thousands of years of Jewish history.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in a first aid certification course run by Magen David Adom who is Israel’s national emergency medical ambulance service. This is being offered in conjunction with a training and recovery course provided by one of our instructors.

Our Program Offers

  • Self Defense Courses based on Martial Arts Training
  • First Aid Certification with Magen David Adom
  • Training, Recovery and Injury Prevention Course
  • Intensive trainings in Krav Maga, Judo and Karate
  • World-class instruction taught by IDF Elite Soldiers, Olympic Coaches and Martial Arts Champions
  • Regular fitness instruction, including beach trainings
  • Meaningful volunteer opportunities
  • Hebrew language (Ulpan) classes
  • Tours of Israel’s beautiful and historical landscape
  • Hikes across Israel’s breathtaking nature trails
  • Social outings and introductions to Israeli culture
  • International friends to support you through this life-changing adventure
  • History courses about Jewish and Israeli heroes
  • Special guest lecturers, with topics ranging from academia to martial arts
  • Hebrew language (Ulpan) classes
In addition to the above, participants will also experience:

  • Sarel, an intensive weeklong volunteer program alongside IDF soldiers
  • A unique and challenging desert excursion that includes hiking, mountain biking, camel riding, learning survival skills and more



Grants and scholarships are available from Masa Israel Journey.

The total tuition fee for the February 2016 Session, including all expenses is $12,900 (not including airfare).

There is non-refundable deposit of $875 which can be paid on line. This will reserve your spot in the program. The remainder of the payment can be made by bank transfer.

Dates of program:

February 2- June 30, 2016

September 4, 2016- January 29, 2017

budokan schedule


Meet the Director of Budokan

  • Master Yonah Melnik, Chief Krav Maga Instructor for the IDF, world-renowned Judoka, 8th Dan, winner of 14 National Championships and Judo Champion in the Maccabiah Games of 1973 and 1977, participant in 10 European and 2 World Championships, and a member of the Israeli Olympic teams in 1976 and 1980.

In order to complete the registration process, please note the following steps:

  • 1) If you have not completed our online application, please do so.

  • 2) Please provide us with a medical form. Participants must fill out a medical form signed by their physician.

  • 3) We will schedule a Skype chat/personal interview with you at your nearest convenience. Please suggest a convenient time and I will accommodate you.

  • 4) We kindly ask that you pay the required $875 deposit. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card on our website. Please note that your deposit will reserve your spot on the program until the deadline for the first payment installment.

  • 5) The total tuition fee including all expenses (not including airfare) is $12,900. We kindly request that you make a down payment to confirm your place. Payment to be made by bank transfer.

  • 6) Each Budokan participant will receive an Acceptance Letter to the program accompanied by an Orientation Letter & Suggested Packing List.

  • 7) As we near the program, please provide us with all flight and arrival details so that we can arrange for your pick-up at Ben Gurion Airport.
  • Upon completion of the 5-month program, you will receive internationally recognized certification for each discipline, belt testing, and total hours of training.
  • Intensive daily trainings in Krav Maga, Judo and Karate.

  • Regular fitness instruction including beach trainings and guided gym workouts.

  • Hebrew language (Ulpan) classes taught by accredited Hebrew teachers .

  • Hands-on history course on Jewish and Israeli Heroes.

  • Exploring Israel across the country including both tourist and historical/religious sites.

  • Special fitness-focused trips including "Desert Experience" week and hikes across Israel's beautiful nature trails.

  • Accommodations and 3 Kosher meals a day

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    • Hello Lorah, The five month program accepts individuals up to the age of 30. If you are within this age range then we would be happy to begin helping you with the application process.

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