Eco-Center at Kibbutz Lotan

A Green Apprentice and Lotan participant having a good time
Price Units

Choose from two program options:

A hands-on opportunity in the design, building and running of the Center for Creative Ecology that links together ecological, social, economical and spiritual aspects of communal life. Come for just one week, or stay for more, you get to choose. 

Practical skills are developed through work with CfCE staff, including in our organic gardens, natural building projects, landscaping and the Lotan Nature and Migratory Bird Reserve. Work experience is complemented by theoretical lessons including introductory courses to ecological design, renewable energy, organic gardening, permaculture and sustainability.

Practical Work Experience May Include:

– Organic Gardening
– Natural and Green Building
– Expansion, maintenance and management of the Eco Campus
– Development and maintenance of the nature reserve and nature trails
– Setting up workshops for educational tour groups

Program Details

Cost: $50 USD a day.  $350 USD per week

Minimum stay of one week, starting on a Sunday

Practical hours from 6:00 – 12:00,  Sunday – Thursday.

2 Introductory lessons in sustainable development per week (organic gardening, natural building, renewable energy, etc…)

Ecological Movie Night



The Green Apprenticeship is a sustainable development and permaculture design course. The GA trains apprentices to understand and be able to identify and create sustainable solutions for social, economical and ecological issues facing critical industries such as agriculture, water, energy, waste management, construction, and more.

The training incorporates both theoretical knowledge and practical hands on work experience to provide apprentices with the ability to confidently implement ecological design projects upon completion of the course.

As part of the course, participants live in and help build the Ecological Campus. Additionally, apprentices experience countless opportunities to engage in community life at Kibbutz Lotan, including Friday night dinner with the Kibbutz, Saturday night dinner with Kibbutz families, and opportunities to volunteer in Kibbutz work branches including the cow dairies, date plantations, landscaping and more.

Upon completion of the GA, apprentices receive internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification. Graduates of the GA integrate the skills they learn into academic degrees, including Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. studies, and many formal and informal career paths. Professional endeavors include: establishing and directing environmental NGOs, creating permaculture education centers, entrepreneurial efforts in the field of sustainability, organic farming, landscape design, architecture, natural and green builders, and much more.

Program Details:


19 December – 15 January 2017 (Course in English)

23 January 2017 – 21 February 2017 (Course in English and Hebrew)

6 March 2017 – 4 April 2017 (Course in English)

24 April 2017 – 23 May 2017 (Course in English)

5 June 2017 – 4 July 2017 (Course in English)

21 August – 19 September 2017 (Course in English and Hebrew)


$1,950 USD  including full board and program

$300 USD deposit due upon acceptance

Practical work includes:

  • Organic gardening – growing vegetables from scratch
  • Natural and alternative building with mud, straw bales, tires, and trash
  • Composting – with food scraps and with the help of worms (vermiculture)
  • Permaculture design projects – ecological design for gardens in home & workplace
  • Care of EcoCampus neighborhood – maintenance and development
  • Countless opportunities for individual or group eco-projects
  • Hebrew instruction 2-3 hours per week
  • Cultural and historical seminars on the land of Israel
  • Educational trips to other areas of the country
  • Connections to community members through participation in kibbutz vocations
  • Volunteering in the wider Israeli community
  • Gain valuable teaching experience by becoming counselors in the Center for Creative Ecology’s Summer Informal Education Experience.


  • Live on a Kibbutz in the beautiful Arava region of Israel
  • Learn about organic farming and sustainability
  • Come home with the experience of a lifetime

And Check Out a Video from Our Most Recent Graduates and Interns on Lotan

Live on our Ecocampus and experience ecological living

  • Rooms are equipped with mattresses, pillows, linens, and towels.
  • Shared accommodation (maximum 3 to a dome).
  • Most meals are served in the kibbutz dining room (kosher, separate meat and dairy, vegetarian options available). Please note the EcoCampus is vegetarian, no fish.
7 March - 4 April 2016

9 May - 6 June 2016

13 June - 11 July 2016

1 August - 29 August 2016

4 September - 30 September 2016

19 December - 15 January 2017
$1,950 USD including full board and program

$300 USD deposit due upon acceptance

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